Portfolio Management

Your portfolio should support your overall financial and life goals. We start by understanding what you want to achieve and then move into discussing asset allocation.

We review allocation recommendations from an “asset class” perspective using our established model portfolios.

Guiding You Through Asset Allocation

Once we are in agreement about the recommendations, we move to these steps:

  • Identify particular securities for each needed asset class. For certain sectors of the equity and bond market, we use passively managed (indexed) investments and for others, actively managed products. 
  • We purchase the necessary securities to complete the allocation.
  • We monitor the investments and, in the case of actively managed products, make sure that they are performing within acceptable parameters compared to their peers and their appropriate benchmark.
  • In the case where rebalancing is necessary, or where we need to adjust the particular model, we will recommend and implement the necessary trades.
  • You will receive account statements from the particular custodian(s) holding your cash and securities, as well as a performance summary from SWA. We provide these reports annually or semi-annually, depending on your preference.

We will always keep you informed and notify you of any tax consequences along the way.

Financial Planning

We can advise you on income planning, asset protection, taxes and more.

See our Financial Planning Services

Consulting & Advisory Services

We offer consulting that takes into account your complete financial and personal picture.

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