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Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I hear from my financial advisor?

You will meet with your financial advisor in person two times per year, with unlimited phone calls and anytime email access. If you prefer more frequent meetings, we are happy to accommodate that request.

How often is my portfolio performance provided to me?

Performance is reviewed during the in-person client meetings held semiannually. In addition, you will be able to view performance and allocation information on the SWA Portal at any time.

How do I know if I am on track for retirement?

We tailor a financial plan based on your specific goals and circumstances, and continuously monitor that plan to make sure you stay on track.

What communication do you have with other professionals involved with my finances?

Absolutely, with authorization, our office can work with your Certified Public Accountant or tax advisor and your attorney to help facilitate tax and estate planning activities.

If I want to place a trade in my account, how do I do so?

Please call our office at (813) 514-1800 to place a trade. Trade requests cannot be accepted by voicemail, email or text message.

If I need to withdraw funds from my account, what is the process to do so?

To withdraw funds from your any account, please call our office at (813) 514-1800. You may also initiate an online funds transfer from your account to an outside account via the custodian website.

For my Schwab accounts, how can I arrange for my documents to be sent via electronic delivery instead of being mailed?

To set up E-Delivery for your Schwab account, please login to your Schwab Alliance account and change the delivery preferences in your settings.

Where can I view my accounts?

You are able to view your accounts through the SWA Portal on our website and/or on each custodian website.

If I want a wire processed from my account, how does this process work?

To process a wire you must submit the required form (Schwab taxable accounts require a wire transfer form and IRA’s require a distribution form). In addition, for security purposes, our office procedure requires a verbal confirmation before processing a wire request. For the wire to be completed by the end of the day, the form must be submitted to the custodian before 12:00 pm.

If I want to make a deposit into my account, how do I do so? To whom do I make my check payable?

Checks must be made payable to the account custodian (i.e. Charles Schwab, American Funds, etc.). If you have online access, you may also have the ability to make a transfer electronically on the custodian webpage.

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