Consulting & Advisory Services

Your complete financial and personal picture informs any professional advice we provide. Any time your life circumstances change, we will meet with you to update your plan to keep you on track and moving forward.

Financial Plan Implementation & Updating

At the start of our client-advisor relationship, we will prepare a comprehensive financial plan built around your goals — for your retirement, children’s education, vacation home, reduction of estate tax liability — and anything else that’s important to you.  We will seek to reduce your insurance costs wherever possible.  We will then update your plan as often as necessary based upon any financial or life changes.

Performance Reporting

Receive semi-annually or quarterly reports that detail not only your investment performance, but also schedules of deposits and withdrawals, performance of your individual investments and current asset allocation of your portfolio.

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Rebalancing

Take advantage of state-of-the-art technology that we use to customize your portfolio. We continually screen a database of hundreds of investment managers and more than 20,000 funds to find the best combination. We monitor portfolios on a continuous basis, make adjustments as needed and, finally, rebalance portfolios as conditions dictate.

Tax Planning

For your personal or trust assets that are subject to taxation, we pay particularly close attention to the potential negative impact taxes may have on your return. We carefully consider the tax ramification of any portfolio changes and confer with you whenever possible before making changes. We can coordinate with your CPA to manage tax liabilities efficiently.

Estate Planning

If you have significant assets, proper estate planning can save you thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. We can work directly with your attorney and CPA to help develop the right type of estate plan for your goals.

Assistance with Outside Assets

If, like many clients, you have investments, corporate retirement accounts or other assets SWA does not manage, we welcome the opportunity to assist you in the proper allocation of these investments.


We will make allocation recommendations and adjustments in support of your financial and life goals.

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Financial Planning

We can advise you on income planning, asset protection, taxes and more.

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